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JDC offers a multitude of tools in combination with profound experience from numerous projects where System conversions were in the focus. Based upon well-defined new parameters all relevant business processes and data will be harmonized or converted, resp.

JDC has developed dedicated tools to detect and to remove doublets e.g. in master data. Generally all master data adjustments in SAP system are conducted subject to all required and necessary conversions.

System harmonizations and conversions of financial accounting system (e.g. introduction of IFRS or US-GAAP) usually require a COA conversion. JDC has got special tools for efficient and GOB conformant SAP system conversions. Additionally JDC offers taylored methods to convert large (Terabyte) systems with high operational availability.

During a system split both master data (e.g. debitors, creditors and materials) and transactional data (e.g. open items, open orders, etc) will be reassigned to new organization units. JDC intensively analyzes Data beforehand in order to determine the optimum Strategy. In case of a system merge however the focus lies on customizing harmonization including resolution of number-range-conflicts or collisions in customizing.

The tools from JDC help to convert company currencies, local currencies and controlling area currencies easily. Numerous EURO conversion projects result lead to JDC's high proficiency in that context. Beside the standad procedures JDC provides methods taylored for Terabyte systems with low-downtime requirements.