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If a part of an enterprise is sold or has to be carved out a system split has to be conducted in short time or retrograde. It can occur that certain functions of the parts to be divested will be distributed to different systems. Often the carve-out happens in several complex steps. That's when our multiply proven methods will meet all challenges given by time or infrastructural restrictions.

The logical split aims at providing separated SAP organization elements where both master and transactional data are reassigned or duplicated. So each part can be used on its own while using common functionalities of logistics (e.g. storage systems)

Prior to conducting a complete physical separation all systems involved have to be split. This particularly applies for the split of logistical systems, extractions from central accounting systems as well as provision and connection of copied SAP standard systems. Therefore this stage often requires cost effective SAP system consolidations and implementations.

During this final phase the necessary SAP migrations and splits take place in order to provide an operable independent SAP infrastructure of the divested part of the enterprise. This includes three principal aspects: a system consolidation as a part of a system merge, the actual system split and often also a template rollout.