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You path to S/4: Standard or tailor-made ?

JDC supports the move to S/4 HANA.
With our Design-by-Composition approach we support a smooth transition:

  • Takeover of proven processes
  • Process-Redesign if needed, wanted or necessary

With our Methods and Tools we support the transition in all phases: decision about strategy, scoping and analysis, implementation and realization, hypercare.

The JDC Migration Tools provide all possibilities for an flexibel and optimal move to S/4:

  • selective or complete
  • all history or with cleansing
  • big bang or wave approach
  • 1:1 oder with conversion and harmonization
  • downtime-optimized

Combine different areas (NewGL, New AM, Business Partner Harmonization, New Credit Management, Rebate Agreeent, etc.) within a S/4 HANA project without lengthy preliminary projects.

You are already running S/4 HANA ?
You have requirements to restruture your S/4 ?
With our methods and tools we support the most important conversion scenarios within existing S/4 HANA systems.